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American blockchain-based hiring disruptor launches surprise token sale

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In hopes of modernize and simplify the procedure to find new employees across the world, TrustLogics hopes to use blockchain technology to help safeguard people from identity theft. TrustLogics will also present the very first Surprise Token Sale.

Either for experienced or independent employers, the operation of finding a new job is lengthy, annoying, and often leads to defeat or pipe dreams. Sometimes in a frantic effort to finally get employment, those seeking jobs will send out resumes or even private information to every possible employer without second thought of the potential dangers their personal information could be in.

In spite of all that effort, there is a high probability that good applicants won’t get the jobs they seek because underhanded employers will partake in illicit actions like bogus resumes or even fake certificates. Basically, employers who are hiring and those looking for work will find a commerce that is filled with disorganization and carelessness and is ready for change.


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