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AnyGood? and Beam partner to give the UK homeless job training

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AnyGood, the peer-to-peer (P2P) recruitment platform has recently announced a new partnership with Beam, the social enterprise that crowdfunds employment training for the homeless through sharing stories of homeless individuals and allowing online visitors to donate to a training fund that will help gain them meaningful employment.

Juliet Eccleston, co-founder of AnyGood?, said:

“We are excited to support Beam with its excellent work in tackling the growing crisis of UK homelessness by connecting people with the skills and training that they need.

“As a result of this partnership, users of AnyGood? can join forces to support these individuals, helping them leave homelessness for good. Our platform works on the basis that members recommend people in their own professional networks for roles and, if the person they put forward is appointed, they receive a ‘finders fee’ as a reward. Now, members will now be able to choose to automatically donate this reward to a homeless person’s training fund. On average, training costs around £3000 per person, and the finder’s fee is £1500, meaning that our members’ donations will go a long way to making a significant difference to someone’s life. With recent research from London Business School finding that today’s professionals are driven by values and a sense of purpose, this is a simple way for people to help others who are looking to create change for the better in their lives, and feel good about it in the process.

“When I co-founded AnyGood?, I wanted to bring fairness and integrity to the recruitment industry and ensure that everyone looking for work is on an even playing field. This remains our company mission, and so it was a no brainer to choose Beam to work with. Giving our members the option of donating rewards is just the beginning – we will continue to investigate other ways we can support this impressive initiative.”

Alex Stephany, founder of Beam, adds,

“This is great news for the homeless people that we help train up and get into work. There’s no question that a network of encouragement makes a real difference to individuals who have faced a significant barrier to achieving their potential. AnyGood? and Beam both work by enabling individuals to come together and ‘crowdsource’ support, and our collaboration will now amplify this even further.”

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