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Aroundus debuts job portal for Korean students and freelancers

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Aroundus, the Korean startup for students looking for employment and freelancers, has launched its web platform for their aforementioned population - one that is full of talent that tends to struggle in finding work. The site is roughly modeled after those of a similar candor such as LinkedIn, but according to prior LG Display and Google employee - the CEO and founder Daniel Sungjin Kim - the similarities end on a surface level.

“Most global, cross-industry job searching platforms usually work in favor of regular workers who have a wealth of experience and are graduates of prestigious universities. They’re also mostly text-based, meaning that people with experience in acting, for instance, have a tough time showing exactly what they can do,” Kim said.

Aroundus is built to bridge that gap and give gig workers and students - specifically ones working with the arts, culture, media, and entertainment - the opportunity to sculpt out their resumes. Those in the entertainment industry, for example, can upload clips of their performance work; employers, meanwhile, can search for those with specific skill-sets they need, like those who can speak French. Furthermore, the database is built in such a way that users can be searched without knowing their name - a nickname or key word that describes the wanted skill or talent, like "cute" or "dancer", is plenty.

As for certification, Aroundus is looking to address through its platform. Currently, those who have worked together can certify the others' project and employment experience - something that is a true rarity in the freelance market.

Kim discussed the company's future, saying that he hoped to see the platform eventually incorporate new tech like machine learning and artificial intelligence to grow from its current SNS-esque state.

“Our goal is to create the best people data base out there,” said Kim. “We also hope to help create an optimized job market where the right people can be matched with the right employers.”

Aroundus was launched on May 2nd following a demo that included more than 100 drama students from the Theatre Department of Chung-Ang University; both parties are in talks for an MOU. While the site is only available on Korean at the moment, the English version will be displayed within the coming weeks.


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