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AUS: Funlocka creates employee engagement through experience algorithms

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FUNLOCKA is the latest employee engagement app to come out of Australia, and does its work through identifying the preferences of individuals and giving them relevant experiences in return.

The majority of staff engagement programs are made for the collective, not the individual, and often completely miss the mark by only rewarding the very few. Only 24% of Australian employees say that they are engaged at work and these disengaged employees cost organisations an estimated $33 billion in productivity each year. FUNLOCKA intends to change the way that companies incentivise and get the best out of their workforce.

FUNLOCKA provides VIP experiences for staff based on understanding the individual and their interests, tastes and passions, and works a lot like Netflix and Spotify. Its progressive algorithm learns each staff member’s preferences and passion points, and serves that person experiences it knows they will want and find fulfilling.

Founder, Luke Cook, says, “We want FUNLOCKA to change the reputation of the HR department by turning it into the FUN Department. Rewarding and retaining staff is one of the hardest tasks for businesses and often HR departments’ default engagement solution is a voucher, a gift card, flowers or yoga in the lunchroom. These don’t work anymore, nor do leaders have time to create something more meaningful. People want personalised memories and experiences; things they truly value in life and are a fan of.”

Simon Rutherford, CEO of Slingshot Media, said, “We have signed up to FUNLOCKA because we believe that impacting the lives of employees is not just a 9am to 5pm task anymore. A happy employee in life is a happy employee at work and vice versa. Businesses like us are trying to make a difference to employee engagement and partnering with FUNLOCKA has saved us time in helping us personalise engagement like never before.”

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