AU’s JobGetter widens opportunities for people with a disability to get jobs

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A sydney-based JobsTech platform, JobGetter, has started 2018 with a swathe of new features one of which is aimed at helping those with disabilities get an even footing when it comes to jobs.

The move into the disability space comes from an idea generated while working as an industry partner with the University of Technology Sydney and their new Bachelor of Technology and Innovation students. The students questioned the unfairness of job boards who don’t have a way of flagging jobs for people with disabilities. “Sometimes, it’s a simple as stating that there’s wheelchair access”, says Alli Baker, Co-CEO of JobGetter, “but very few job ads do this - and, for the job seeker, there’s no way to search for them”.

While Baker acknowledges that there are disability service job providers around, she states that job seekers are sick of going from site to site to look for work. JobGetter, she says, wants to be the inclusionary platform that caters for everyone.

Baker says that the addition of badging job postings as disability-friendly is just the first move in fulfilling one of the JobGetter’s self-imposed mandates that everyone should be able to get the job they want.

She says that inclusion has always been high on their agenda. When JobGetter worked with GPT Group on a local job site in Wollongong to cater for jobs in the expansion of their shopping center, the inclusion of all sectors of the community was high on both companies’ list of must-haves. JobGetter is currently rolling out similar community-based job platforms with a number of large shopping center groups.

Baker says partnering with employers, the broader job market as well as educators and industry has always been part of their overall mission to increase employability and reduce unemployment and underemployment.

Other new features released by JobGetter so far this year include the instant delivery of “five of the best” candidates, online ordering of Police Checks for job seekers and an improved Talent Pooling platform with a suite of recruitment marketing tools for those employers who are always recruiting and value-investing in their employment brand.

JobGetter’s “unlimited recruitment” flat monthly fee has also been a winner, especially for small businesses, franchises and recruiters who are conscious of their recruitment spend. Baker says that it has meant that companies don’t need to put multiple roles in one job ad to keep their costs low - which has traditionally made it hard for candidates to search for roles and reduced application rates for employers.

Baker says that the inclusion of disability-friendly employers is just the first of other plans for the platform to be more inclusionary for all members of the workforce. “JobGetter exists to respect, support and help every job seeker wanting to get into the workforce, get the job they love or get moving in a new direction," she says. “This new feature is one way we’re hoping to move the needle on inclusion for people with a disability."

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