Australia: Blocknubie for blockchain-based startups partners with FinTechJobs

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Blocknubie, a worldwide network based on blockchain technology, has started a new association with the company FinTechJobs which will help give assistance to the increasing call for new entries in the blockchain community.

Blocknubie is a source and exchange that will provide a connection between companies not on blockchain, new businesses, and the blockchain systems. The Blocknubie program will advise new companies who are trying to get started efficiently and fast, and this will be accomplished using several Apps to help achieve their goals, build up, and do so quickly.

Blocknubie will primarily look into using the entire array of blockchain requirements from new companies including funding, startup discipline, connections to other startups, and create a place to encourage outside funding for new blockchain companies and businesses.

FinTechJobs began last year and was founded by Gerry Gorman and David Crowley who both bring lots of experience from the commercial and startup industries. This company was created to help tackle the increasing requirements for commercial and high-tech newcomers in a quick and efficient way using the internet.

“We discovered that other online recruitment platforms could act in a rather hit and miss manner,” Crowley said. “Positions such as CFO for a software house were receiving applications from persons without the required experience. The current online filtering software is very clunky which results in many mismatches.”

“This is as frustrating for employers who have to wade through inappropriate applications as well as frustrating for applicants who end up applying for jobs for which they are not suited. No one is satisfied,” says Crowley.

FinTechJob focuses entirely on utilizing Gorman’s background which will make sure that job postings are displayed in the best way possible to prevent potential employees from skipping over them and to keep unwanted candidates away from them. Alongside a strong SEO, companies and potential employees, both will have a better time using this platform and will become more efficient and seek out better jobs.

Loughlin Nestor, CEO of Blocknubie, is enthusiastic about the partnership: “One of the biggest challenges for startups is to find the right experience to plug the gaps; be it technical or financial. This way we will be able to fast-track hiring processes and match talent quickly and effectively. We welcome FinTechJobs to our ecosystem.”

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