Behind-the-scenes at German HR portal Yawik’s development

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HR portal software ranges from payroll to onboarding to benefits and more - and the more one can do, the better for most businesses.

So with YAWIK there is now a software package that has many focuses: ATS, job portal, job advertisement management, and more.

Also new to YAWIK is the software development methodology. Often software packages are developed in the foreclosed programming rooms, with YAWIK quite a few things are quite different: open source, remote worker, use of the freelancer job market platform Upwork and of course the wide range of functions.

Carsten Bleek, Managing Director and founder of the Frankfurt Cross-Solution GmbH answers the questions of Crosswater Job Guide and allows a look behind the scenes.

After studying at the Technical University of Clausthal and FH Friedberg, Carsten Bleek started his career as a system architect at Jobpilot AG, the top dog of the job market in Germany (read here as Jobpilot and Stepstone are neck and neck for market leadership supplied:  Jobpilot is trimmed to headwind - Stepstone faces the scree slope of expansion strategy). In 2003, Carsten Bleek set up his own business and founded Cross-Solution GmbH in Frankfurt.

Crosswater Job Guide: Mr. Bleek, Yawik includes features such as Applicant Management (ATS), job portal, CV database, and job ad management. This is much more than some competitors who specialize in individual modules offer. Why does YAWIK offer such a wide range of functions?

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