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India's Institute of Chartered Accountants sees between 8,000 and 10,000 students complete final examinations annually, but only 10 to 15% see any kind of job post-results. Lesser still find jobs during their time in school, and the rest are left hoping that friendly referrals or word-of-mouth might get them some kind of work.

But this Kolkata-based CA couple came up with a solution to tackle this problem: set up in December 2015, is a recruitment platform exclusively for CAs.

Sonia Singhal and her husband Anurag Singhal, both CAs themselves, first came up with a blog of the same name in August 2013 to help fellow professionals receive updates about job openings for CA roles. "We work like tech-enabled placement consultants and help clients recruit CAs in the junior and mid-segment," says Sonia. "Because of the value proposition, we offer in terms of domain expertise, online presence and service delivery levels, we are now trusted by over a hundred clients in 6 geographies. These include the top 50 per cent of BSE-30 companies including the likes of Unilever, Asian Paints, Goldman Sachs and HDFC. The portal is also recognised under 'Startup India Scheme' by DIPP."

Sonia was working with Deloitte Hyderabad and then took a break from her career due to marriage in the year 2011 and subsequently due to maternity. She explains that after a two-year gap when she wanted to get back into the corporate world in 2013, she found that it had become very difficult. "After a two and a half years gap on my resume, people were not ready to give me a chance. So we wanted to solve this problem and we wanted to provide opportunities to more people like me, who were sitting back at home for their personal reasons but now want to work," says Sonia adding, " was my comeback initiative on the career front in December 2013."

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