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Capango lets American talent “swipe right” for retail jobs

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Retail industry job-seeking app Capango, designed in the same line as swipe-dating apps, has recently joined the Android and iOS markets and boasts a streamlined process without any need for a resume or drawn-out application process.

In today’s fast-paced recruitment market, speed matters; employers who lag behind in the hiring process are can be ghosted by potential hires, and the reason is often competition.

Other companies are snatching up some candidates before other employers have a chance to read their resume. The need for a mobile-optimized recruitment process is urgent because job seekers are looking for an integrated candidate experience that meets them where they search, including their mobile devices.

In the retail sector, where competition is fierce, many companies are implementing same-day interview and hiring strategies in order to beef up their efforts to stand out among a sea of employers. One recent example is Taco Bell's "party job fair", which provided food and games to applicants and netted a positive hiring return. Retailers will have to continue to come up with creative solutions to maintain head-count and avoid losing customers because they’re short-staffed.

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