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China begins global recruitment campaign to invite foreigners into jobs

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China has recently launched a worldwide recruitment initiative to give foreigners the opportunity to take up unique jobs in China.

The positions include kung fu apprentice at the Shaolin Temple, giant panda caretaker, high-speed train maintenance staff, trash collector at Zhangjiajie national forest park, acting dean of Yuelu Academy, beef noodle chef, truck driver on the Qinghai-Tibet highway and experiencer of the cash-free society.

The campaign was launched by global employment-oriented social-networking platform LinkedIn, and the "I'm in China" project aims to promote Chinese culture and history.

Registration for these positions are open to LinkedIn's 520 million overseas members for six months.

"These jobs feature popular symbols and elements of Chinese culture and society and will help foreigners to see an open, diverse and inclusive China," said Billy Huang, Marketing and Public Relations Director at LinkedIn China.

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