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Coworking is a reality that will replace the home office in Latin America

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WeWork was recently named by the British newspaper Financial Times as the most important landlord in London. Pato Fuks, CEO of WeWork for Latin America, reviewed the actuality of coworking today.

For Fuks, Latin America is a region where there are many entrepreneurs with great talent, but they must be sought out and supported, as it is necessary that both private institutions and public entities to back entrepreneurs and their talent in order to promote growth in the country.

Trends are constantly changing and fewer and fewer people want to spend time locked in their office and look for options such as home office or coworking. For the CEO of WeWork in the region, the time of the home office as happened with Apple, where ideas were born and developed in a garage, have already passed.

Today, to grow and improve, a company needs the coexistence of its peers, which is why coworking is the option that more and more companies take. Everyday new people meet with different points of view and the possibility is always there to associate with them to grow or develop your product.

So for Fuks, now the option is coworking despite there being criticism about the future of this trend.

"Whoever says that coworking has no future, did not understand anything," said Fuks, who explains that most of its buildings have full capacity and that causes that thanks to the community created the ideas of an entrepreneur acquire international character, and how that does not happen with the home office.

And although there are people who recommend leaving coworking when their business starts to take on more importance, the CEO of WeWork in Latin America declares that in the medium term 50% of his business will be occupied by large companies or corporations.

In addition, coworking gives the opportunity to create solid ecosystems that allow companies to grow as well as having the possibility of reaching international markets and from the comfort of having an office anywhere in the world.

For Fuks, although the situation in the region is complicated, it is part of an essential essence that always forces self-improvement and that is a hallmark of Latin entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the world. In the end, that helps to visualize a future that invites optimism.

"We believe that entrepreneurs are the ones who have and can change the world," he says, which encourages entrepreneurs to take risks and opt for co working for their development.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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