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Crossover, the IT headhunter, chooses Buenos Aires for Latin American expansion

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This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

The multinational IT talent recruiter, Crossover, has chosen Buenos Aires as one of the eight cities around the world in which it will invest in 2018 to build its brand and triple the number of "partners" - professional freelancers - it has in the country.

Last year, with the aim of landing in Latin America, its founder, Andy Tryba, visited the Argentine capital after passing through Brazil. Seeing the number of people working on software and technology development, as well as the level of English amidst the general population, put the City in the spotlight as one of the potential points to expand.

It was up to Romania's country manager to organize the first test: a hackathon in a downtown hotel, where local talent interested in applying for jobs in Fortune 500 companies were summoned for positions of responsibility with annual salaries on average US $100,000, although in some cases paying twice as much.

The positive response and the results obtained in that test motivated the company to promote one of its global Argentine recruiters, Carolina Jacob, to the position of city manager of Buenos Aires, with new responsibilities and objectives.

"They also realized that, even though it is a remote work company, the human factor of being present and organizing activities also adds up a lot, because the candidate needs to see that there is a company and know the people who work for them," said the brand new executive of this medium.

"Before this change, we recruited, we had meetings with the local partners, but there was no budget - now the idea is not only to grow in the number of people who work with us but also to build a brand so that the talents know us," he told iProfessional. Buenos Aires thus joined cities in Romania, Poland, Belarus, Hungary and Brazil as those in which Crossover will focus this year.

In addition to the on-site hackathons and the virtual ones organized by the company, the multinational firm settled in the La Maquinita co-working space in Palermo. They also organize meet-ups for both those who are already part of the company and for the candidates.

"We started in February with a hackathon per month and now we want to scale to an activity every 15 days. The good thing in these cases is that the potential candidates can directly consult those who already work with us about their day to day, and also technical questions. that may be a recruiter cannot answer," continued Jacob.

The meetings and tournaments are usually on Saturdays or late in the afternoon during the week, since the profiles that are usually searched are already working and have a family.

According to Jacob, for every 30 people who usually join those events, one is a woman. "Girls sometimes have a harder time coming to a tournament, especially if they have children, but that is growing because, in my experience as a recruiter, women are always the most interested in remote work. It's dynamic and really motivates them; 13% of the people we already have working with us are female professionals," she said.

The goal is to triple this year the number of local 'contractors'. They already employ people from Buenos Aires, Rosario and Córdoba, "a city that I would also like to promote to enter the network because there we find a lot of talent," said the Argentine executive.

"There is a lot of potential that can bring Crossover to the country because we are employing local talents that also stay here working, allowing people to perform in their place and that income is here." It is a differential, and another is that they are salaries in dollars but in constant jobs, not projects," she said.

This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

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