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Dominic Gallello of UK’s Erecruit hailed as a 2018 Top 50 SaaS CEO

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Dominic Gallello, CEO of Erecruit

Leading global technology provider for recruiting and staffing, Erecruit, has recently announced that Dominic Gallello, CEO, has been recognized in the SaaS Report's acclaimed Top 50 SaaS CEO 2018 list.

The Top 50 list is an annual compilation of industry pioneering leaders of SaaS companies who are selected based upon their excellence in SaaS leadership and success in five primary categories: company growth, work culture, product technology, financial performance, and professional experience. The SaaS Report recognizes CEOs from a variety of highly successful companies, including CEOs of Salesforce, Slack and Splunk . With around 400 individual CEOs nominated in 2018 and a total of 4150 nominations, Gallello attracted a compelling 9 percent of the total votes.

Joining Erecruit early in 2018 as President & CEO following the amalgamation of the company with Bond International Software and TempBuddy in June 2017, Gallello is focused on driving operational excellence through winning products and exemplary customer service for their global staffing clients. Under his stewardship his past two companies achieved 4X+ increase in shareholder value, most recently, MSC Software was acquired for $834M.

“This recognition was made possible by an extraordinary talented team of professionals at Erecruit that are laser focused on creating technologies that serve as the backbone for putting people to work,” said Dominic Gallello, President and CEO.  “It is an honor to work among them.”

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