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ESET, American cybersecurity venture, receives the “Champion of Women” award

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The ESET cybersecurity firm was recently recognized with the most important award of the annual international event Connected Women of Influence Awards, the "Champion of Women" award.

The Connected Women of Influence Award recognizes a company or organization that promotes internal programs and initiatives that are unique, cutting-edge, and designed specifically to support the advancement and advancement of women in their workplace.

The Vice President of Human Resources of ESET, Celeste Blodgett, accepted the award on behalf of the cybersecurity company. Blodgett has been a great advocate for women's programs at ESET throughout her 11 years in the company.

"I am very grateful to accept this award on behalf of ESET," said Blodgett on stage at the event. "We are very fortunate to work in a company that supports women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics."

ESET is a long-standing advocate for the advancement of women in the fields of science, engineering and mathematics (STEAM / STEM), including technology and cybersecurity, both internally and externally in the community. In an industry where less than 11% are women, ESET has created a series of unique programs and initiatives to empower women and encourage them in this field, helping their promotion once consolidated in these areas of work.

In this sense, one of the programs that ESET has committed to over the last few years is "Women of the Workplace" (WOW); monthly meetings in which ESET tries to support and promote the careers of employed women. In addition, there is the annual "ESET Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship" (which this year celebrates its third edition and whose deadline for applications ends on April 1). This scholarship provides funds to students seeking to specialize in the area of ​​cybersecurity.

ESET has also supported the "Women in Blue" events of the San Diego Police Foundation (SDPF) and has allocated resources for men and women in the security forces and bodies, as well as the SDPF SafetyNet program that helps keep children insurance on the internet. ESET has also spearheaded the Cyber ​​Bootcamp program for many years and is proud to see how more girls enroll each year.

In a recent survey of ESET employees, workers recognized the value of the company's "diversity", being one of the categories of the survey where the best result was obtained.The programs mentioned above are just some of the initiatives that ESET has promoted in its attempt to create a more inclusive workforce and industry ESET believes that diversity is key to the success of any great company and community.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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