France: Regionsjob rebrands as HelloWork, invests €30M in expansion plans

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Leading recruitment, training, and online employer in France, Regionsjob Group, has recently announced a major rebranding. Now known as HelloWork, the company has increased investments to upwards of €30 million that will be put towards growth abroad and cement its position as a bigger competitor in the French market and Europe in the future. Additionally, changes to management have been made during this process.

A new stage and a new name: HelloWork

The Regionsjob group has grown a great deal in the past 18 years. The initial ambition, to support people seeking or changing jobs throughout France has become a reality. The group's country-wide services cover practically all professions, in employment and training. They are used by over 4 million people every month, more than half of whom use the regional platforms.

However, the group’s name, Regionsjob, only partly reflected the reality and diverse nature of the services offered (BDM, Cadreo, CVCatcher, JobiJoba, Maformation, Talent Detection, etc.) and did not express the developments planned for the next 5 years. So Regionsjob is renaming itself HelloWork to symbolise this new stage in its development.

Understood by everyone in France and abroad, HelloWork expresses what the company hopes to bring to the people using its services: finding a job (from temp to permanent, including freelancers) or training which will help them face the week with optimism, in France or around the world.

A 30 million euros investment capacity

As a central player in France in the recruitment, employment and training sector for workers, whether applicants, recruiters, employers, trainers, consultants, head-hunters, sourcing staff or managers, HelloWork is now seeking to become a Europe-wide challenger. To do this, HelloWork believes it has to continue investing both in its internal development (web, mobile, big data, semantics, etc.) to anticipate new practices, and in external growth activities.

So over the next three years, HelloWork wants to use its 30 million euros investment capacity in order to buy stakes in high-potential companies: start-up / scale-up in the field of employment and training, with a strong technology component, already offering an operational product or service, and an initial stage of marketing in France or around the world. Such future associates should complement the services already offered to applicants or recruiters by HelloWork, in terms of technology or geography.

These new investments will contribute to building a European champion for a dynamic market, where most players are international.

“There is a dual objective: firstly, providing our future subsidiaries with financial resources, data and the expertise of our sales force to help them reach their full development potential; and secondly, supplementing HelloWork's service package to consolidate our leading position in France, and become a challenger in Europe within the next three years,” says Jérôme Armbruster, CEO of HelloWork, sharing his enthusiasm.

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