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France: Staffmatch startup acquires €3M in fundraising

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French-based company Staffmatch has always focused on bringing the latest technologies to the temp work market. Through innovative and ergonomic applications on web and mobile alike, clients can request expert staff in little to no time, while reliable staff can manage their availability the way they want.

Recently, the startup has announced forward momentum in their growth, as well as new ambitions for the firm.

Staffmatch has secured €3 million euros in funding from historic investors - family office and private investors - plus Bpifrance and BNP Paribas Développement, and hopes to put the new capital towards a further European expansion. They hope to make this happen by accelerating its national and sectoral expansion, conquering new markets in Europe, pursue its innovation strategy and develop the employability and skills of its employees. The initial expansion will begin with the Benelux region and Spain in 2019.

The Staffmatch platform works for its users by monitoring and fulfilling their hourly pay no differently than other standard employees at a company, with the same benefits - including food allowances, overtime, and transportation. Additionally, they are awarded 10% more for holiday work compensation, as well as another 10% for end of mission allowances (MFIs).

Staffmatch boasts over 30,000 members, and secured €13 million in revenue last year.

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