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Google for Jobs, Yellow Pages, and more: Changes in the U.S. job search industry

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As of May 17th at Google I/O, Google has announced that they would be introducing their search capabilities for job searching and debuted the Google for Jobs feature in the UK July 16th.

Did jobs search need improving by Google? How has it benefited Google’s user experience? If Google for Jobs hasn’t improved the user experience on Google, what motivated them to invest in this area? Does this ultimately erode the visibility and therefore click share of other job portals, boards, aggregators, search engines and individual companies by pushing them down the organic rankings?

Strictly speaking, Google hasn’t launched a vertical. They’re instead calling this jobs feature ‘Enriched Search Results’ and I believe this is to counter any finger pointing of anti-competitive behavior that could land them in further trouble with the EU Commission. It also allows Google to skirt an agreement with the FTC in 2013 to give websites the ability to “opt out” of display on Google vertical properties, but not lose organic or general index visibility.

It was only in June 2017 that Google was fined £2.1bn by the Commission after it ruled the company had abused its power by promoting its own shopping comparison service at the top of search results.

Actually, it’s a very clever tactic for Google to position ‘Google for Jobs’ as a mere enhancement to organic results, an enrichment in the same vein as other rich results such as star ratings in recipe search results pages. It muddies the proposition.

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