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HackerRank debuts Tech Talent Matrix for US businesses needing developers

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Tech talent skill evaluating platform HackerRank has recently debuted their machine learning matrix that provides companies with the necessary data to make better hiring choices for software developers. Called the Tech Talent Matrix, the matrix analyzes over 150 million assessment and talent data points to offer key insights into tech recruitment needs and decisions.

Technical hiring has become a C-suite priority as every business from Goldman Sachs to Walmart is becoming a software company. Enterprises spend an average of more than $4,000 each year on recruiting, and yet they lack sophisticated data to measure how well they are doing. This is compounded by the fact that the lack of alignment between recruiters and hiring managers is the biggest obstacle standing in their path of winning talent. Businesses today rely on basic metrics like a number of hires, time to hire, and employee retention rate to evaluate the success of their recruiters, hiring managers and their overall hiring organization. None of these metrics tell companies what parts of their recruiting process need improvement and how to move forward.

“Companies lack basic visibility into their developer hiring process, which is now just as big a priority as revenue and customer retention for executives across every industry,” said Vivek Ravisankar, CEO & Co-founder of HackerRank. “We power one assessment every eight seconds on our platform and have built a deep, unparalleled data set on what makes for a great candidate experience. Pairing machine learning with our experience and data, we’re arming businesses with the actionable intelligence they need to make smarter technical hiring decisions and ultimately transform into tech companies.”

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