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HireVue acquires MindX to improve AI-run talent assessment

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The venture that runs the comprehensive artificial intelligence-driven talent assessment suite and video interviewing solutions software, HireVue, has recently finished the acquisition of MindX - a London-based gamified assessment company. MindX's assessment technique offer empirically-proven solutions to improve the hiring process and pinpoint cognitize traits in potential hires.

Integrating the latest advancements in psychometrics, big data and machine learning from MindX into the HireVue Video Intelligence platform will deliver to HireVue customers the capability to seamlessly incorporate game-based assessments into their candidate screening processes for more thorough evaluations and an engaging candidate experience.

"The MindX game-based assessments are a perfect complement to HireVue's video-based pre-hire assessments solution, as they add the ability to measure fluid IQ, reasoning and problem-solving to the ability of HireVue Assessments to evaluate job-specific knowledge, communication and social intelligence," commented Kevin Parker, Chairman and CEO at HireVue. "We're excited to deliver even more robust and validated tools to our customers worldwide so they can discover, hire and grow more of the best talent, faster in today's competitive hiring market."

MindX game-based assessments objectively measure a candidate's cognitive abilities using a panel of challenges designed to engage candidates as they are evaluated. Cognitive traits evaluated include: problem-solving, mental flexibility, learning agility, attention, creativity, and quantitative aptitude.

Candidates can rapidly demonstrate their competencies and personality traits within a highly engaging experience. Instead of simply uploading resumes and filling out online forms, candidates can answer some job-relevant questions and play a set of scientific mini-games to more effectively show their range of professional and cognitive strengths.

The acquisition of MindX will create a uniquely broad, AI-driven talent assessments offering that gives HireVue customers greater flexibility to evaluate candidates and accelerate the process of identifying and hiring the market's top talent. This news comes at a time of significant growth and achievement:

  • HireVue is on target to grow new business by almost 40 percent year over year in 2018.
  • The team has grown by almost 50 percent in the past two years to over 300 employees, 90 of whom are dedicated to product development and data security and privacy.
  • Strong customer adoption of HireVue Assessments has driven over 140 percent year-over-year sales growth of the AI-enabled video assessments product.
  • International sales have increased over 50 percent year over year and now comprise almost a fifth of total sales bookings. HireVue software is available in 32 languages and HireVue has delivered on-demand interviews in 180 countries.
  • HireVue has the most robust data security and privacy controls in the industry, including SOC 2 Type II assurance and ISO 27001 certification.

"The MindX team has been working rigorously to enable companies to hire the best talent for the job using cognitive science in combination with technology," said founder and CEO of MindX, Clemens Aichholzer. "We're thrilled to be teaming up with HireVue at a time of rapid global expansion. HireVue and MindX share a common vision of using sound science and a data-driven approach to ensure that both recruiting and career development are fairer, more effective and more engaging for candidates and companies alike."

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