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How Upwork saw a decade of online job growth & blockchain’s influence

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Over the last decade, Upwork has worked to connect entrepreneurs with freelancers and the self-employed. The company was previously Elance/oDesk, and its business concept was a unique and innovative one - letting people work online from the comfort of their homes, or remotely as they like. The platform became an incredible success that grew into a global phenomenon.

Posting millions of job opportunities every year, self-employed sole proprietors take advantage of the posts. Online workers at Upwork currently earn a total surpassing $1 billion each year. Plus, the freelancers engaged in various tasks offered by Upwork clients have more than 5,000 different skills attracting new business owners on a regular basis. Projects include content writing for business websites, mobile app development, graphic design, secretarial help, implementation of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and marketing strategies for social media platforms. Clients and workers are satisfied with the online arrangement designed to get tasks done quickly and at affordable rates.

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