India: Aspiring Minds launches AI-based video interview evaluation

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With the growth of recruitment and hiring innovations, more data has come to the forefront regarding human bias - and in turn, how to curb it. While machines previously helped streamline much of the hiring process through data analysis, matching, screening, ranking, and more, they've only just begun their foray into holding the interviews themselves.

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and bots are changing the dynamics of recruitment across the world today. Many a times, organisations lose out on good candidates due to constraints like shortage of time, limited number of interviewers and accuracy in assessment.

At times, people at the management level may not be available for conducting an interview. And those who would be, may not be able to handle a long list of applicants. A typical human recruiter can handle up to 20-50 candidates at a given time, but a machine can perform the same task much better and faster.

There is always the risk of making a bad hire because human recruiters may have deep rooted biasness when it comes to selection and analysis. There is a pressing need for objective and most importantly, accessible ways of taking interviews.

HR today needs to be empowered with Artificial Intelligence for businesses to thrive without losing the personal approach to communication.
AI-powered video interview bots can help HR heads in saving manpower engaged in setting up interviews and evaluate candidates without human biases, even if only subconsciously.

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