India: Darwinbox offers custom AI and ML solutions for HR

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Plenty of companies have been attempting to streamline human resources, but this doesn't always occur. Rohit Chennamaneni, Chaitanya Peddi, and Jayant Paleti realized, while consulting, that companies don't always finish their human resource tasks during business takeovers. In one example, Paleti saw a big merger where stakeholders didn't know specific company data or even had the wrong numbers.

There can be many challenges on the way, such as the company might have more than one HR system that makes it extremely hard to integrate and draw data, or they still function on an outdated HRMS. To deal with these challenges and make HR processes more streamlined, the trio conceived Darwinbox in 2015 in Hyderabad. The idea was to make HR a strategic aspect of every organisation rather than just a functional fulfillment.

As Paleti explained to Analytics India Magazine, Darwinbox is an integrated platform that takes care of all the HR needs of an organisation across the employee lifecycle which includes recruitment, onboarding, time and attendance, payroll, employee engagement, talent management, learning and analytics. “We have gone a step ahead to leverage artificial intelligence to make the experience more engaging for employees. All you have to do is call out to our voice-bot and ask ‘Hey Darwin what is the attrition rate looking like,” he said.

Known for flexibility, ease of use and new age talent management here is how Darwinbox enables HR organisations to accelerate their HR game.

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