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India: Helping the elderly find work through new online portal

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Ramesh Kumar Vij decided to change things up on his 76th birthday in 2017 by giving back to other senior citizens - alongside Kritarth Malhotra he launched HUM Communities, an online community-based job platform aimed specifically at the elderly and committed to helping them find and create job opportunities for their group.

“As an electrical engineer, I worked in various government departments and public sector companies, but once I retired in 2000, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and began having negative thoughts,” Ramesh said. “I realised there are many seniors like me who are physically fit and can be gainfully employed for another decade or so but have nothing to do after retirement.”

Since the launch a year ago, the venture has spread to multiple other cities in the area; there are currently three HUM chapters in Delhi, one in Chennai, and one in Bengaluru.

“People can contact our community helpline and we add their profile and resume to our database. We also introduce them to the HUM ambassadors in each place, who then add them to the local WhatsApp group,” said Malhotra.

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