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India: Vulpith E-Services Pvt Ltd, the zero commission freelance platform

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The cloud platform for e-sourcing and professional services freelancing, Vulpith E-Services Pvt. Ltd, has changed the freelancing game through the extraction of the middle man between the freelancer and the client - with no commission. They have additional security for their projects as well as meticulous management, and hope to be a revolutionary in the freelancing market.

Vulpith mission is to bring the freelancer closer to the clients and vice versa. Vulpith is discarding all obstacles and ensuring proper talent allocation. Vulpith is trusting in the inventiveness, expertise, and talent of the freelancing world and wants to bring those qualities to the next step!

Freelancers can easily treasure trove their projects which are directly posted by clients and get paid instantly with zero fees. Registration on Vulpith is very easy Freelancers & clients can create a profile in just a few minutes.

Clients can easily find the right freelancer for their project, get it done and pay the freelancer directly with zero commission. Vulpith allows clients to monitor the projects, time-tracking, task & requirements management, quality assurance and clients can control over their project and the performance of the freelancers. If clients want to make sure project is developed by the best talents on the market, the client can greatly benefit from Vulpith pool of pre-selected and pre-vetted top freelancers i.e. their unique curation process. Clients can even get a project manager from Vulpith who does the heavy lifting and chooses the best freelancers for their project to hire.

Venkat Reddy Mula from Helios IT Solutions, a Vulpith client, has said, "Vulpith made it easy for us in choosing the right team with its compare and other advanced features which saved our time in hiring suitable Freelancers and Agencies. We can now rely on Vulpith for our outsourcing needs."

SOURCE: Vulpith
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