Indian HR tech startup Leena AI welcomes Y Combinator investment

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The HR tech startup launched in 2015, Leena AI, has recently announced a successful investment from Y Combinator, the American seed accelerator firm.

As per a report, Leena AI has confirmed an investment from Y Combinator and has also become a part of their summer class 2018.

“We at Leena.AI welcome Y Combinator to be a part of the journey in making a truly intelligent virtual assistant for the workplace,” Co-founder Adit Jain wrote in a Facebook post.

As Adit and team look forward to doubling their market leadership in India & APAC, the partnership with Y Combinator will help the AI bound HR Tech startup in refining its pitch.  The U.S based investor will basically help the team in making introductions to companies that could make use of this tool.

Adit further added, “We are looking to double down on our market leadership in India & APAC (more than 12 paying enterprise customers) and make inroads into the US market.”

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