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Indian startup Reboot aids women in returning to the workforce better than ever

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Understandably, people take breaks from the workforce whether by choice or by design - continuing education, taking a sabbatical, dealing with burnout, or starting a family are all common reasons one might find themselves stepping away from employment for a period of time. That being said, the circumstances and consequences of returning are often more painful for women than men due to gender inequality and prejudices, so when a woman begins the job searching process again, applying frequently means her resume going on the bottom of the pile. Additionally, a break can mean feeling behind the times when it comes to knowing what's going on, especially in regards to the market and sector changes.

One of the many organizations looking to aid working women in returning to the workforce is Reboot, a "mentoring and capacity-building career community of returning women professionals" that hopes to upskill women and equip them with the right tools to go back to work effectively and securely.

Anupama Kapoor, founder of Reboot, looks back on her own experience with motherhood and trying to balance family life and her career.

“Sustaining equilibrium between the familial, societal, and professional expectations was a constant challenge. Trying to keep up with this gave me deeper insight into the dilemma that every woman working outside the home faces. It was on this motherhood journey in the corporate world that the idea of Reboot took shape. I met an ever-growing number of women who wanted to start, wanted to leave, wanted to re-join, constantly juggling, always guilt-ridden and at battle with their ‘parallel lives’. Launching Reboot in 2013 was the logical conclusion,” Kapoor commented.


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