India’s revolutionizes talent acquisition with artificial intelligence

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It started after two professionals with intense computer skills and an extensive background working at Google and Facebook partnered up to use their abilities to improve places that are in the most need for computers and technology. Varun Kacholia, who is one of the founders of, is an expert and one of the best-using internet searches, rankings, and machine learning. Kacholia was essential in helping construct Facebook’s newsfeed and Youtube’s search results and recommendations in Google’s search.’s other founder, Ashutosh Garg also has over 6,000 research notations, over 35 peer researched publications, more than 50 patents, and earned the Outstanding Thesis Award from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for his work using on his thesis for his PhD in Machine Learning. He’ll head up the Search and Personalization programs for Google and IBM Research.

After leaving Facebook and Google, the two recognized a demand for their abilities in places where tech is desperately needed or really defined. After they discovered which market to focus on, they found places where consumers weren’t using their time to build the correct algorithms or using the correct ML or AI software was an important area of concern for their talent skills and knowledge. Their talents developing search, personalization, and recommendation functions as well as their numerous AI and ML experiences will be put to good use.

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