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Premiere app for blue-collar jobs, Skill Karo, to launch in India

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While several recruiting platforms already exist in India directed at white-collar positions, blue-collar workers have had much to be desired.

To address this gap, Delhi-based Venzen Technologies, co-founded by entrepreneur couple Jayanta Das and Vaishali Das, has developed an app-based platform ‘Skill Karo’. Both the social entrepreneurs are an alumnus from Delhi School of Economics.

Skill Karo would partner with another Delhi-based company Primero Skills, exclusively for synergies in the skilling and employment ecosystem. While the domain and copyright of Skill Karo remain with Venzen, Primero would operationalize and synergize the technology platform sharing its best practices and training expertise.

Venzen Technologies Co-founder Jayanta Das said that the company will be launching the app by mid of next month. commented, and that the app will be the first of its kind in India to train and hire blue-collar employees.

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