India’s Recruiterflow gives companies better talent pools to choose from

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Recruiterflow, based out of Bengaluru, has hit the scene to offer recruiting solutions software that sources, engages, and recruits the best candidates and talent available.

Recruitment for many companies is not transactional, but about building relationships, especially in the West. If companies forge relationships with potential candidates, they are most likely to choose them over others.

So riding on this trend is Bengaluru-based startup and this year's Tech30, Recruiterflow.

The startup helps its clients reach out to passive candidates once in two-three months to update them about the company’s culture, wishing them on their birthday, anniversaries, festivals, etc. Unlike active candidates, passive candidates are those candidates who are currently not looking for any employment opportunity outside their existing company.

Co-founder Amritanshu Anand says, “Pro-active recruiting means reaching out to passive candidates. This is more cost-effective. Our client companies don't just sell them the job, but the company. It’s about a company building a talent network or pool that will be useful to fill in positions in future.”

He adds, “There is an opportunity cost involved in not creating a talent pool. If someone leaves a job, it takes about six months to fill that position. But if you already have a talent pool ready, the company can reach out to candidates and help in quickly filling the position.”

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