InterviewBuddy Pro app debuts in India for corporate recruiting

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InterviewBuddy Pro is the latest video interview startup to come out of India, and is a straightforward, cloud-based platform aimed at corporations and larger-scale enterprises.

The app was showcased for businesses to interview, recruit, nurture, counsel and for engaging employees at the recently held RISE in Hong Kong, billed as the largest technology conference.

“A white labelled platform for companies, the app gives the end-user (a job applicant) the feeling that the communication is directly from the company’s portal thus helping the employer branding,” says InterviewBuddy founder Ujwal Surampalli. He left his master’s degree study in Germany to start the new firm in his native place initially to train unemployed youth on how to face interviews.

The app requires no software to download or any plug-in to be installed. It does not require even an app for attending a video conference/interview.

Users can be interviewed by joining a link via email (sent by the company's admin/HR team). Users can join the video conference/interview via any device (smartphone, laptop or tablet) with a modern web browser and an internet connection.

Mr. Surampalli told The Hindu that their app would work across devices without the need for any extra software or hardware setup. “Every session through our platform has the option of recording. This digital record-keeping comes handy for legal compliance evidence, proof of grievance handling, to review interview bias, if any within the organisation, and team review/collaboration of interviews to make the hiring decisions quickly, collectively and effectively,” he said.

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