Job-Kaffee is the latest job portal startup in Germany

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The new job portal on the block in Germany is, and their promise is to make the job search less taxing and more enjoyable. Opened on the 1st of July, the portal focuses on the importance of visuals and maneuverability for its users.

As with other portals, job seekers can search for the dream job of their choice across a keyword and filter search in Germany. The corresponding ads are not only played in the portal, but also advertised on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Added to this are any regional and Germany-wide partner portals.

"In this way, we achieve a high reach to the individual job offers, even if our portal itself does not have a high degree of awareness," says Startup CEO Moritz Gebhardt on the concept. "We are taking different paths with other portals and are trying to generate more points of contact with few opportunities."

Employers can create Google-optimized landing pages or simply upload a PDF using specially programmed What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get kits. Integration of, for example, 360° videos is easily possible.

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