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Jobs search platform Bumeran, claims women in Peru are filling more leadership positions

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Bumeran, the leading search and publication platform for jobs in Latin America, and Adecco, a firm specializing in human management solutions, reported that Peruvian women have been making their way more quickly to leadership positions in companies thanks to the fact that, in general, are those who have a greater development of soft skills in the labor market.
In the framework of International Women's Day, the executive of Bumeran, Freddy Kamt, explains that this trend has been seen this past year and, among the listed skills, emotional intelligence, empathy, communication and relationship skills predominate; all essential in management positions.
Although in Peru participation in these positions continues to be predominantly male, Kamt emphasizes that the development of the so-called 'soft skills' is allowing Peruvians to "climb the ladder".
For Alejandra Osorio, a specialist in consultancy and training of Adecco, says this trend not only affects positively the professional development of women but also the building of an acceptable working environment, which in the long run will always translate into greater productivity for the companies.
The representative of Adecco adds, in addition, that another important milestone in the labor development of Peruvian women is their interest in areas in which until today they have had very little participation.
"Traditionally we see them occupying positions more linked to the administrative and organizational support of the companies, such as in the accounting, after sales, human resources and customer service areas, for example. But today there is a real feminine bet for positions in programming, information technologies or the same engineering, which rather intervene directly in the production processes of companies, "he stresses.
Regarding the actions that companies have been carrying out to support a more equitable work environment, Osorio says that although there is still a long way to go "there has been progressing in terms of recognizing that companies must provide equal conditions for all their professional team and the incorporation of equity indicators in more and more organizations is a sample of that ".
"The fact that we measure our gender gap from all perspectives, allows us to have a clear idea of our starting points to define a roadmap aimed at improvement," he says.
For her part, Kamt argues that thanks to the promotion of State policies in terms of employability and the concern of companies to manage their employer brand, benefits are already offered linked to a work environment that integrate the needs of women "especially in the more consolidated corporations ", among which are the implementation of day care centers within the company, more flexible hours or home office options during the breastfeeding period, among other benefits.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.


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