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US: Kendr contends with the launch of new workplace ‘safe space’ communications app

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Kendr, which means "center" in Hindi, is a recently launched up-and-coming platform that specializes in confidential employer-employee communication and aims to increase anonymous and secure dialogue between parties in the workplace. This communication takes place through a "third party" app and website, where questions, concerns, suggests, and more can be easily addressed. The app was published by co-founder and renowned Los Angeles employment law attorney, Beth Schroeder, who represents companies that may be at risk for litigation by employees, and Jeremy Light.

"That is exactly what the app is: a central meeting place—a 'safe space' for communication," said co-founder Jeremy Light.

Through the kendr conduit, communication between employers and employees is quickly handled and kept completely confidential. Employees can submit anonymously and if they do companies can still respond to gather more information. Within minutes of an employee sending a notice through their phone via kendr, the employer is notified and able to react and respond promptly. The employee receives an auto-reply confirming their message was received. Messages to employers may be tagged and organized. Employers are notified as each message comes in—in real time.

Companies may set up an account with kendr. Employees are sent an authentication code to activate the app; their communication is password protected ensuring complete privacy.

Long before the news of the Weinstein disaster broke, Schroeder was busy at work developing an app and website platform that would support kendr's purpose and tagline: "Safe Space for the Workplace."  "I spent years working on all aspects of kendr's concept, purpose and technology to develop the various applications and uses of the app," Schroeder stated as she recalled what prompted her to create kendr. "I was working on a complex wage and hour class action suit, where my client, the defendant, was accused of 'off-the-clock' allegations." At the time, Schroeder believed that if some type of risk management tool had been in place—or a better means of communication readily available—her client may have been spared the enormous expense of such a lawsuit.

Despite kendr's applicability for a customer base that mainly consists of hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and tech, kendr stresses that it may be used at any workplace in any industry.

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