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Largest public employee union in NYC debuts digital badge program

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New York City's public sector labor union, District Council 37 (DC 37), has recently announced a new initiative to aid its members in monitoring professional credentials and skills nurturing while connecting them with career paths. DC 37's membership includes over one thousand diverse job titles that include some of the city's engineers, social workers, and education support staff.

Through a partnership with New York City-based digital credential platform Credly, DC 37 will issue digital badges, making it easier for members to demonstrate their skills, qualify for pay raises, and connect to new job opportunities.

Building on DC 37’s existing education and workforce training programs that provide city workers with basic job skills, technical training, and leadership development, DC 37 will use Credly digital badges to recognize members’ knowledge and competencies, as well as clearly outline the necessary skills for a member to advance in their chosen field. Digital badges will provide a streamlined way for partnering colleges and government agencies to collaborate on training and identify skills gaps before they become critical.

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