LEO, Hosteleo’s chatbot: the virtual assistant for job searching in Spain

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Currently companies are in a continuous process of development and technological innovation. There is constant study and examination of the market to incorporate digital tools that facilitate the consumer-company relationship without losing nature and freshness.

Hosteleo is not only the reference portal in the search for employment in Hospitality and Tourism, but also a pioneer in technology. In October, it launched its own application, Hosteleo App, with more than 700,000 users and 15,000 registered companies, in addition to 4,000 active job offers. Now, they present 'Leo', the first chatbot virtual assistant for employment in Spanish.

Messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger have 20 million users in Spain giving way to chatbots. These artificial intelligence softwares, capable of simulating a conversation with a person, have experienced a great positioning in the last five years. 46% of users are inclined to bots when checking the status of an order; and 42% when they look for a product. In addition, 64% prefer to use messages to communicate with customer service.

One of the fundamental differences between an app and a chatbot is the simplicity of the latter; generally, it is not necessary to download and the steps to follow to operate are few and simple.

'LEO', the 'chatbot' of Hosteleo

'LEO' has the Hosteleo database - more than 700,000 candidates and 15,000 companies - as well as practical tips thanks to Tutellus, which includes 60,000 courses and three million users. Its main advantage is to automate processes for both the candidate and the employer. In this way, for the company it facilitates the attraction, search and initial selection of the candidate, reducing both the time and the cost of the procedure and allowing a permanent recruitment, 24/7.

At the level of the applicant, it facilitates the search and filtering, in addition to the registration to offers and management of the interviews. It also offers facilities for training and events. All this generates by itself a community of candidates or jobbers.

This software with artificial intelligence is a very useful tool in the world of work. In the US, some chatbots already exist - Job Pal or Go Hire - that act as job assistants with very positive results. According to the US consultancy Gartner, in 2020, 85% of business-consumer relations will be through a virtual agent or chatbot. Therefore, it is a technology that has an important projection.

The development and implementation of the 'Leo' chatbot has been possible thanks to the joint work of Hosteleo and Bots Lovers, two leaders in their field, the employment in hospitality and tourism and the creation of high impact virtual robots.

"Adjusting to the new generations in search of work is essential for job portals. We as a national reference in our sector are committed to offering our companies and candidates job offers in the most accessible and effective way. The 'chatbot' is undoubtedly the tool that was missing so that they are always connected and with great possibility of success between both," says David Basilio, CEO of Hosteleo.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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