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LinkedIn creates AI Academy to aid employees in trending tech literacy

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LinkedIn has moved forward with their initiative to begin an artificial intelligence Bootcamp for its employees - yet another peek at how technology has been paving the way for major corporations.

The program, entitled AI Academy, will start out with classes for product managers, engineers, and executives, but LinkedIn is looking to grow the program so every employee can enjoy a piece of the pie when it comes to AI knowledge. The company is already considering making AI Academy part of its on-boarding process for incoming hires.

“AI is an incredibly powerful tool,” says LinkedIn’s Head of Science and Engineering Craig Martell. “It is of paramount importance to us that anyone trained to use AI should also be well-trained in how to wield it responsibly. To that end, ethical approaches to AI are an important part of our curriculum. We look at issues like choosing training data without bias and evaluating results against individual subgroups and not just the aggregate.”

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