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LinkedIn Spain awards companies for the best use of its platform to recruit

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This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

LinkedIn, the professional network with more than 364 million users, has identified those Spanish companies that have most taken into account the online environment within their selection processes. Based on their work, LinkedIn has awarded organizations for their talent strategies, the management of their Human Resources and the construction of their employer brand through Employer Branding.

LinkedIn, the meeting point of more than 500 million professionals and 10 million companies, has held in Madrid the third edition of the In Awards, an annual event that recognizes Spanish companies and managers for the good use they make of the network professional within its activity. In addition, this year the awards charge a special symbology to coincide with the arrival of the 10 million LinkedIn users in Spain, a milestone that will mark the line of the event.

Edition 2017

LinkedIn has awarded eleven awards of the IN 2017 Awards to companies and professionals with a more differentiating strategy in talent management and the performance of companies within the platform.

The awards ceremony, held in the Fine Arts Circle of Madrid, was attended by more than 300 attendees from the business world, as well as some of the top representatives of LinkedIn in Europe as Sarah Harmon, director of LinkedIn in Spain and Portugal.

Asymmetry, the categories and winners of the second edition of the IN 2017 Awards have been:

Best recruiter, where he values the use of LinkedIn Recruiter solutions, which has fallen to Alicia Sánchez, Employer Branding Specialist and Recruitment of Everis.

Best selection team, which includes those companies with a minimum of 3 Recruiter licenses and 5 Job Offers and whose finalists have been chosen by applying the LinkedIn Recruiter Index to the team, resulting in STRATIO as the winner.

The most influential brand in Spain on LinkedIn is, this year, IE Business

School, for having the best content strategy on LinkedIn during the last year, according to Content Marketing Score in Spain.

Revelation Companies, an award to companies that are LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers from the last 12 months that analyze the results and the use of the contracted solutions. In this case, the selected ones were two: Enterprise Teleperformance Spain and SMB Avansis.

Best Culture of Learning, based on the percentage of unique visitors in LinkedIn Learning, and that has been granted to Vodafone.

Employer Brands, which has been awarded to two companies: Enterprise Everis and ABA English.

Foreign Multinational Top, awarded to international companies based in Spain that have excelled in their global work on LinkedIn, and which falls to Deloitte.

Brand with the highest growth: European University.

Top Social Executive, which awards the most active and influential managers of LinkedIn by counting the visits in their profiles, their activity in the social network and the amount of content they generate, and this year has been awarded to Antonio Huertas, President of Mapfre.

The winners have been chosen by the LinkedIn Insights team, which has analyzed the performance and impact of more than 1,000 Spanish companies using the LinkedIn Solutions tools. Thus, all the winners have in common the good management of talent in each of the categories and received an award for their respective companies.

Edition 2016

The professional network LinkedIn has celebrated in Madrid the IN 2016 Awards to reward the companies that have had the most success using LinkedIn to recruit talent. In addition, the professional network has awarded, for the first time, a prize to the executive with the best activity and positioning in this platform.

To do so, the LinkedIn Insights team analyzed data from more than 600 LinkedIn client companies in Spain and selected a total of 24 companies and 4 executives that represent the most effective talent attraction and retention strategies, as well as a development of their image of the brand in this professional network.

Sarah Harmon, Director of LinkedIn Talent Solutions in Spain and Portugal thanked all participants "for attending the IN Awards of LinkedIn", an event that, according to her words, allows to recognize "the great work of companies ", in its task of identifying the best talent" that helps to grow and maintain its leadership".

The categories and winners of the second edition of the IN 2016 Awards have been:

Top Recruiter: Ana Arigita, Manager of the selection area at INECO, collected the award for the most effective human resources manager with the best LinkedIn Recruiter Index, which not only quantifies the use of the tool but also values the efficiency in the hiring strategies 2.0.

"It is an honor to receive this award today. At INECO we are very grateful to LinkedIn and for all the opportunities that its Recruiter tool offers us and that really help us in our daily work," commented Arigita.

Employer Branding: Grifols and Social Point has with this award, taking into account the number of people who are familiar with the brand and the engagement they generate with their audiences. In this case, Grifols represented companies with more than 500 employees on LinkedIn; while the second, SocialPoint, was selected among companies with less than 500 employees on LinkedIn.

On the one hand, David Payeras, Vice President of HR, and Elisenda Papiol, Global Director of Corporate Communications at Grifols, explained that "it is a great responsibility for a company with as much history as Grifols to find and hire the best talent. "We are in a moment of expansion and communicate our values in an interesting way is key to generate an effect on the profiles with which we want to connect," they said.

On the other hand, Jordi López, Director of Human Resources at SocialPoint, mentioned that "LinkedIn is helping us find the most suitable talent to continue growing as a company".

Top Social Executive: This is the first time this award has been granted in Spain. Ignacio Villoch, Events and Innovation Activities Manager at BBVA, was recognized for his hard work in becoming the most active and influential executive in the network. In this sense, Villoch was awarded for visits to his profile, his activity on LinkedIn and the content generated on the network.

In the words of Villoch, "There are no leaders without followers and creating a strong personal and professional brand is key and, in this sense, LinkedIn has helped me to make my network and personal brand relevant and to stand out as a professional".

Rising Star: LinkedIn awarded Grupo Cobra for its involvement and motivation at work. The company began to work with the professional network during the last year and has achieved great results in terms of growth of followers and visits to its Company and Employment Page.

The company's representatives could not attend the awards ceremony, but the LinkedIn team that works with them highlighted their passion for the challenges of working with Grupo Cobra.

Best Selection Team: Mango is the company that has obtained the award for the best development in the professional network and becoming an inspiration when designing effective selection strategies at the corporate level.

According to Cristina Robledillo, Global Talent Manager at Mango: "LinkedIn has changed our lives. Collaboration is the most important thing to achieve great results as a team. We love our work and put all our efforts to find the best talent to make our company even better. We work with each other and share responsibilities and LinkedIn helps us in this collaboration whatever our geographic location."

Foreign Multinational Top: Luis López, Director of Human Resources of Deloitte, collected the award for the holistic work that is helping the company to develop its employer brand and to direct hiring strategies.

Lopez showed Deloitte's gratitude for the award and commented that "talent is incredibly important" for the organization, therefore, every day, Deloitte "faces the challenge of finding and contacting its target professionals." "The companies in our We are always looking for the best talent and LinkedIn helps us in this task," said Lopez.

This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

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