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Linkedin statistics that b2b companies should consider

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With more than 500 million users around the world, LinkedIn, the favorite social platform for human resources, as well as for professionals and business development, has represented a new way of organizing around the structure of companies and brands, since you have a professional contact in digital form.

According to Guidebook, 58% of B2B organizations use LinkedIn to improve their content marketing actions. The experts in Business to Business have profiles that could be useful for marketers and marketing specialists since the tactics to be implemented within the platform can be based on relevant insights to complement the strategies.

Social networks have gone from being a purely social site to becoming a business network that also serves to create connections, a situation that marketing has been able to take advantage of correctly. According to BeBusinessed, LinkedIn is used four times more to access a company's website than through Facebook and Econsultancy data reveal that 46 percent of business social media traffic came from LinkedIn, compared to 17 percent of Facebook and 14 percent of Twitter.

In this way, it can be carried to a greater degree to the platform. Since it not only helps to apply for jobs and even share content about relevant industry knowledge, this social network presents opportunities to improve the general visibility of the marketing and advertising industry. However, as with all current communication channels, there are guidelines that must be followed to be successful.

Help for B2B companies

When it comes to expanding the online presence of your company, there are many factors that go beyond getting like on Facebook. LinkedIn can serve as a powerful ally to improve presence, develop an advertising strategy and, above all, project a hiring strategy. With more qualified employees, the filter for the treatment of potential clients will be more dynamic.

According to the platform, this is how it focuses on helping B2B companies:

  • 94% of professionals focused on B2B use the social network to distribute content.
  • 80% of leads are generated.
  • It has the best conversion rate than other social media platforms: 2.74%.
  • 79% of B2B marketers believe that LinkedIn can function as the best source of future web traffic.
  • 43% of marketers indicate that the platform helps attract customers.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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