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Looking for a Work Visa? Try the Professional Registry Of Verified Employees

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In 2004, the National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS) was incepted out of India and since garnered a strong following as a company that aids Indian workers in the United States under work visas, ensuring that their rights are being maintained. More recently, the organization has sponsored the Professional Registry of Verified Employees (PROVE) to help connect those looking for work visas with companies that will sponsor them amidst the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia, who are searching for qualified and dependable knowledge workers.

Backed by thorough application criteria, NOSTOPS recently celebrated the success via the PROVE platform and has been delivering in creating a win-win work situation for both employee migrants and their host country employers. The enthusiasm surrounding the platform is high with close to 90,000 users registered.

NOSTOPS works diligently to prevent worker fraud and powerfully advocates for Indian tech workers both inside and outside the country, recently endorsing efforts from fellow advocacy groups within America to fight corruption and recruitment fraud in a very clear way.

The company uses a professional networking framework at PROVE, which processes user profiles to match location, industry, and skills of the user, quickly delivering relevant, real-time employment recommendations. Other highlights of PROVE’s services include supporting pre-hiring to post-hiring activities, help with Immigration processes of all kinds, job offer verification – verification of employment contracts from foreign employers, and professional preparation of documentation for the filing of a work visa petition, through their team of licensed practicing attorneys.

With all signs pointing towards global migration trends accelerating, especially among knowledge workers, and mobility not stability being a more important factor in the ability for a job seeker to find financial success, the need for PROVE seems only certain to continue to grow more and more valuable to all concerned.

“PROVE is an open value network that measures the identity and reputation of knowledge workers and then delivers a platform to connect foreign recruiters and local talent,” commented a spokesperson from NOSTOPS. “We are quite pleased with its development and performance and believe it fits in very well with and compliments our mission.”

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