Majority of Australia’s public sector jobs to be listed on Careers.Vic

By Katherine Fanning 0 Comments NEWS, News - the public sector job site of the Victorian government - has recently been relaunched with a new design and merging of the old graduate recruitment portal. The current goal is, within the next few months, to also bring the portals for public school teachers and those in health care under its umbrella by the end of June - upon which it will house over 80% of the state's public sector workers.

As of now, the platform is only utilized by 35% of public sector employees, according to the most recent report from the Victorian Public Sector Commission.

Additionally, for the aforementioned redesign, the site has been shifted to become more accessible and promote ease-of-access for those with disabilities as well as making it mobile-friendly. The entire experience has been overhauled for an optimized feel for the user, whether they're a potential candidate or an employer.

Paul Grimes, Victoria's Public Sector Commissioner, commented that the platform offers a clear look into what paths are available for the public sector, such as cadetship, graduate, and Aboriginal employment programs:

“Victoria is an employer of choice and this platform helps people understand why. There are more than 2000 jobs currently advertised. It just goes to show the breadth of opportunity we offer –both in terms of making a difference to your community and building a career. This breadth of opportunity is unique to the public sector and unmatched by private employers.”

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