Malaysia’s SlingApp lets you apply and interview in under a minute

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Based on Tinder's UI, SlingApp works with the swipe system to help its users in their job-hunting prospects. But rather than compete with big names in the realm of job seeking, they honed in on aiding employers with work that has high turnover rates to reduce the effort spent filling those slots.

And it was this concept that appealed to the market. In over a year, SlingApp has managed to get over 800 employers onboard along with helping 1,000 employees get hired from using the app.

Now with the growth of their business brings about new ambitions, so the team has come up with a few additional features that hope to elevate their services further.

Generally, after posting their vacancies on a job platform, employers can only hope they’re able to find the right candidates among the many applicants sending their resumes over.

SlingApp wants to speed this process up by introducing two new features: the Auto-Interviu and Smart Filter.

When employers use the platform to post jobs, they can pre-select applicants based on a certain set of requirements, such as past experience, education background, language, nationalities and more.

Aside from that, SlingApp provides an option for employers to set up 5 Auto-Interviu (AI) questions, which extracts specific details from the applicants relating to the criteria of the job they’re applying for.

So when a job posting goes live, a list of applicants will match to it via the Smart Filter. From there, the SlingApp AI will interview the applicants automatically via the chat message function on the app.

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