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Minnesota Chamber-led platform works to connect employers & job-seekers

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Recently, the Minnesota Chamber Foundation has grown its job platform initiative in an effort to amend the gaps in the state's workforce shortage. Entitled MN Job Match, the portal is a "distinctive job-to-candidate matching platform that helps employers find the right fit in qualified candidates".

“Businesses are only as strong as the talented people they employ. And hiring the right people – with the right talent – is more challenging and important than ever before,” said Doug Loon, Minnesota Chamber President. “Traditional recruiting methods often require sorting through volumes of resumes, which is costly and time-consuming. It often means settling for less than ideal candidates. MN Job Match is different.”

Typically, recruiting services require standard job descriptions and checking how many times certain keywords show up within a resume. This platform, however, grasps the robust nature of the job-to-candidate field and is data-driven in response in order to connect needs to experience on a richer level.

Made by the Center for Workforce Solutions, MN Job match is a program that acts as the umbrella organization for the Minnesota Chamber Foundation’s private-sector workforce efforts. Via leadership, collaboration. and key partnerships, it brings forward research and programs to spearhead solutions to the state’s worker shortage that is anticipated to reach 239,000 by 2022 and aid the state’s economy is changing and growing successfully.

“There is no silver bullet to solving Minnesota employers’ workforce challenges,” said Vicki Stute, the Minnesota Chamber’s vice president of programs and business services. “The problem must be addressed from the perspective of both employers and potential employees. MN Job Match is one more tool in our arsenal to equip the private sector with resources beyond public policy to tackle the talent shortage.”

To use the platform, employers must register an account and fill out questions declaring what positions are available. Meanwhile, job seekers answer relevant questions about their skills, talents, and attributes that separate them from other potential hires. In turn, employers receive the list of applicable candidates and move forward from there.

Furthermore, MN Job Match offers unique benefits for employers, such as the following:

  • Receiving automatic postings from other local, regional and national job sites.
  • A list of top system matches and stack-ranked direct applicants.
  • Pricing is lower than the industry standard - $39 per job posting and $19 per internship.

“It’s valuable for the job-seekers, too,” Stute commented. “They receive a robust bank of jobs that could match their real experiences and interests – and at no cost to them.”

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