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Pension Rewards offers freelance decentralization globally

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Freelancing has taken over the market by storm following the advent of the internet due to the nature of it - work that doesn't need to be limited to a location can be sourced from anywhere, after all, and creates endless possibilities.

Pension Rewards is a decentralized human resource hub and global freelancing platform. It gives users the opportunity to interact, communicate and trade their skills and experiences with others on the internet. The core idea of the project is to decentralize job opportunities and accept and embrace various skills, breaking the chains of unemployment that bind many people today.

The transactions are done through the blockchain, offering a more secure, transparent and overall better experience.  They aim to bring power to the workers and freelancers of the world, giving them the ability to take full control of their skills and trading them with people who may be interested. The Pension Rewards system is largely backed by the Pension Coin – a unique digital currency that is created with philanthropy in mind. Pension Coin offers a secure and trust-less network to disrupt the non-transparent employment model in the world by making everyone useful and get rewarded via the pension reward platform.

Their own cryptocurrency is usable worldwide and can be used to hire freelancers on the platform, or can simply be exchanged for preferred fiat currency or exchanged with other cryptocurrencies on most crypto trading websites.

Through combining these capabilities, Pension Rewards give freelancers the ability to advocate for themselves and control their work path with the tools they'll need along the way.

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