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Recruiting Erasmus, the bridge between university and business, turns ten

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This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

Serving as a bridge between students who have lived an international academic experience and Spanish companies was the objective marked by the Recruiting Erasmus platform a decade ago. The company is an initiative of the human resources consultancy PeopleMatters and recently celebrated its tenth edition with the participation of 14 major Spanish companies with good results so far. The latest data highlights that over the academic year 2017-2018, more than 280 job offers have been published. The platform accumulates more than 40,000 registered candidates, has 97% support from the universities that are part of the CRUE (Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities), a record.

The contact between the company and the candidate is carried out at the address, where users can complete their profile and find content of interest from the participating companies.

Alfonso Jiménez, Managing Partner of PeopleMatters takes stock of these ten years of activity:

"Recruiting Erasmus was born just before the crisis. A moment with very little unemployment among university students and with great competition for young talent. Then, we began to investigate predictive variables of a highly talented profile and discovered a research carried out in Germany that showed that European students participating in international mobility programs develop clearly differentiated competences. And the good thing is that the great program of university mobility, which has turned out to be Erasmus, is European and, moreover, our country is a leader in participation, receiving thousands of international students and issuing many others. This is how the idea of ​​setting up a platform that functions as a bridge between these students and a group of large employers in our country arose, extraordinary companies to work with, in a collaborative initiative, access to this differential talent, this talent plus."

Young people who have lived an international experience acquire skills during their stay that make them very interesting profiles for companies, says Jiménez.

"Before their international experience, they are young people who show a proactivity and evident initiative; they do not mind leaving their comfort zone to finish their studies. During the experience, they develop very important skills such as social skills, communication skills, multicultural understanding, languages ​​and that ability to seek life. And when they come back from that experience, they already demonstrate differential competences such as the interest to become emancipated, a greater adaptation to change and above all, a global vision of the world."

Capturing talent

Mapfre insurer has been one of the 14 participating companies of this tenth edition of Recruiting Erasmus. The Deputy Director of Human Resources Talent, María Narváez, describes the platform as "excellent, dynamic and direct, which helps us in our global strategy to attract international talent and get us in touch with these profiles".

To the question of what the insurer seeks in the group of international students, Narváez responds:

"We look for differentiated profiles to collaborate and be part of our business growth. Students with an international vocation fit perfectly into the global spirit and strategy of our company. They are people who have already taken the initiative to embark on a professional career and, therefore, are closer to what our entity seeks. In addition to their international profile, they have essential competencies for us: flexibility, learning capacity and adaptation to change, open mind to new experiences, motivation, and knowledge of languages, strengths that we value highly as fundamental."

Recently, PeopleMatters organized an "afterwork" with Heineken Spain, an event whose objective is to promote "networking" among students and companies participating in the initiative. More than 170 young people from Recruiting Erasmus met in a relaxed manner with representatives of the Human Resources departments of Aldi, Altadis, Banco Sabadell, Bankinter, Cepsa, CLH, Gas Natural Fenosa, Grifols, Heineken Spain, Indra, Mapfre, Red Eléctrica Group , Santander and Steelcase.

"It is an excellent meeting to put the company in contact with the profiles it needs," said María Narváez, from Mapfre, who highlighted the necessary collaboration between academia and business. "One of the great challenges is to establish new collaboration frameworks with universities and training centers to adapt the training offer to real labor demands, and platforms such as Recruiting Erasmus collaborate to achieve this.”

This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

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