Regional News is a nifty tool which can help you land a job abroad and relocate smoothly

By Gordana Davila 0 Comments NEWS, Regional News

Re-launched with a sleek design and an updated relocation advice section, is the handy career platform which specializes in assisting people in finding work opportunities abroad, and it does so smoothly and without any glitches. currently has just over 250 job listings, which is a rather small number of offerings, but the jobs portal intends on adding more in the future. For those interested in the options, the job openings are for several countries worldwide, including Canada, Germany, Singapore, the UK, the US and more.

The job openings are a bit limited but do vary from marketing to sales, to developer roles, but the majority of the openings are for people with backgrounds in software and hardware.

However, there is information which users may find valuable, should they be considering taking their career abroad; the site offers a dedicated relocation tips section which provides just that, tips on such topics like housing, taxes, work permit, even school availability in the preferred destination.

The New Year may be a great time to start a new job, and for some, it could be an opportunity to also find a new country.

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