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Samsung Tech Institute provides opportunities for Colombians

By Silvia Castro Betancourt 0 Comments NEWS, Regional News

It isn't uncommon in the labor market to meet qualified workers who know how to do their job well but have not been trained to do it; oftentimes they only know the basics through practice, and in turn stagnate. By the same token, these workers often lose opportunities and promotions by not having the way to certify their skills.

Thinking about this problem, which is part of the harsh reality of Colombia (and in many Latin American countries), several of the industry greats such as Claro Colombia, Samsung Colombia and the Colsubsidio Employment Agency have decided to launch an initiative to Teach Colombians about #BigData and Application Development within the framework of the Capacítate para el Empleo platform.

What is the idea behind the Samsung Tech Institute?

The idea of ​​the initiative "Samsung Tech Institute" is to help approximately 30 people a month, interested in learning to Analyze Data through processes of #BigData (Data Scientists) and, to all those who want to Develop Applications (Developers).

The process is simple: You have to start the training remotely through the platform "Capacítate para el Empleo" (40 hours or more of training), then finish it in person (60 hours or so of training) at the Employment Agency of Colsubsidio, before finally obtaining certification.

Once the personnel is certified, the Employment Agency of Colsubsidio will proceed to make the link with the companies that demand this type of profiles within the industry in Colombia. In this way, certified people will have access to higher quality jobs.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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