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San Francisco-based Mobilize Networks introduces ‘The Lounge’ encouraging a true sense of belonging online

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San Francisco-based Mobilize Networks, one of the leading all-in-one community platforms, recently announced it rolled out 'The Lounge', a home for people to interact, meet, network, ask questions and catch up on activities and events. 'The Lounge' promises that it has reinvented the way communities live online.

Mobilize Networks recognizes the Internet's aim to bridge geographical gaps, but it claims that existing networking solutions are not optimized to drive member engagement and lackluster in providing users with a true sense of belonging.

"The hottest commodity of the 21st century is going to be belonging," says Sharon Savariego, founder & CEO of Mobilize. "We believe that communities are the backbone of both humanity and business. It is time for every community to have a home online and for every community leader to have the professional tools to bring people together."

The company believes that existing community solutions are antiquated, difficult to navigate, require extensive setup, lack actionable data and are difficult to personalize, and that current solutions are not optimized to drive member engagement or give the leader the full data and control they need to grow and empower their community.

"We work very closely with teachers all over the world to build out, maintain, and support the Wonder Workshop program," said June Lin, of Wonder Workshop. "Using Mobilize we've been able to significantly increase engagement within our community of teachers. We are reaching twice as many people than when we were using MailChimp where we had a 20 percent open rate. Recruiting new members, and getting users to volunteer for research and give us feedback, has been easier too."

'The Lounge': Features and Benefits
Mobilize allows community leaders and members to be able to use 'The Lounge' to create an engaging experience, using key features such as:

  • The Social Feed: Where members can always stay connected, discover new opportunities, attend events and participate in discussions. The feed takes conversations to the next level with a unique combination of live chat and threaded discussions. Casual connection plus topical discussion can take place seamlessly together.
  • Members Directory: Members can find each other by topics that are important to them and connect with each other by creating private or group chats.
  • Events: In the events section, members can opt-in to upcoming community events and have them sync with their personal calendar.
  • Data: Managers can follow up with smart analytics and manage RSVPs to send out reminders, giving them full access and control over the data they need to empower their community.
  • Files: The resource center where managers and members can add and share files with and have members access them easily.

"Mobilize has enabled Ada's List to look, feel and act more professional," says Anjali Ramachandran, co-founder of Ada's List. "It's easy to use, but it doesn't have any of the features that make you feel like you are a part of this massive community."

Community Managers looking to grow and empower their networks can find out more about 'The Lounge' in this short video here. Professionals seeking to belong to a community of like-minded people can learn more about 'The Lounge' in the below short video.

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