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Scotland’s unicorn s1jobs advocates for good humor in interviews

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S1jobs of Scotland has humorously decided to satire PepsiCo.'s choice to begin using AI-run interviews - and they're doing it by announcing their own robot interviewer: a Scottish unicorn.

Following the news that Pepsi has started using robot job interviewers to filter applicants, the Scottish jobs site, famous for iconic TV ads such as “Haw Lavvy Heid, you’re gettin’ it!”, has come up with its own wacky interviewer – a unicorn, of course!

The unicorn job interviewer is the star of a tongue-in-cheek new game, released on Monday 7th May. The game gives job hunters the chance to sample the job interview experience and practice answering the kind of questions they may face in a real-life situation, with, of course, a cheeky twist. Players can access the game by visiting

Appropriately, the national animal of Scotland takes a straight-talking and Scottish approach in its questioning of potential job hunters. We can’t imagine any Pepsi-bots asking job hopefuls if they’re harder than a Shettleston taxi driver or enquiring whether their answer to “Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?” involves a change of address to HMP Barlinnie.

Wendy Pauley, Marketing Director at s1jobs, said:

“S1jobs has long been synonymous with Scotland’s distinctive sense of humour. When we saw Pepsi was using robots to interview people, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to use our unicorn. We’re willing to bet a Scottish unicorn has better patter than a Russian bot! 

On a serious note, job interviews can be a stumbling block for a lot of candidates. Some people let their nerves put them off applying for a new role, while others may feel overconfident so they end up not preparing correctly. We hope our new game can make candidates raise a smile at the thought of being interviewed, while helping them to prepare for the real world of interviews.”

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