Singapore: AI-based online advertiser AnyMind secures $13.4M

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AnyMind, Singapore's HR marketing and advertising firm previous known as AdAsia, has recently secured $13.4 million in a funding found.

The company received funds from LINE Corporation, a communication platform, and developer of LINE messenger and Mirai Creation Fund. This partnership was backed up by Toyota Motors Corporation.

The funds are used to develop these existing platforms for marketing, advertising, and HR and to carry out these initiatives effectively. AnyMind Group’s primary goal is to fund its business collaborations with Mirai Creation Fund and LINE Corporation.

AnyMind’s subsidiary focus is on digital advertising with LINE and other ad-related initiatives.

It uses AI to offer advert solutions to publishers and advertisers and will also collaborate with TalentMind, a recruiting software based in Singapore which also belongs to AnyMind.

Since it was founded in April 2016, AnyMind (previously called AdAsia) started as an AI-based digital advertising platform. They aimed to aid media outlets to manage the price demand from advertisers effectively.

By then, the company had expanded to more than 11 countries across the Asia Pacific. The revenues were made up to $26 million in 2017. The company claimed to have been operating at its profits since January.

At the moment, AnyMind is holding more than 12 billion monthly impressions across more than 800 publishers in Asia through a display and video advertising.

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