Singapore’s YY mobile app connects part-time workers to employers

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Those that work in the gastronomy industry frequently face high turnover and a need for new workers, fast. Now, in Singapore, they can reach out using the new mobile app called YY - a part-time job app that is the first of its kind to connect seeking employers with potential part-time candidates.

YY was incepted by a group of HR industry veterans and professionals, YY Hong Ye Group, with the app currently boasting over 5,000 users and a workforce database of 32,000, as well as over 50 connected businesses such as the Fullerton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Regent Hotel, and McDonald's.

"Many organisations, from hotels to restaurants, and fast food chains, face the problem of getting the right help when it comes to hiring part-timers," said Mike Fu, YY Hong Ye Group's chief executive officer (CEO).

"When they use our app, employers face fewer hiring-related hassles and have a lower turnover rate... companies can better manage their hiring budgets, as they can keep the minimum strength of full-time staff and engage part-timers whenever needed."

Whenever new listings crop up, the app works through instantly matching them to users that fit the vacancy in terms of skills and employer criteria. Interestingly, if no matches pop up, the recruiter can contact YY Hong Ye Group directly and request a hands-on match instead.

Furthermore, the app grants the ability to let employers detail job specifics including typical hours, employment location, and other notes like skills needed and how much work experience is required.

Registered part-time workers in the database – typically of an age from 16 to 25 years old – are required to complete a two-hour training session in personal hygiene and F&B services at the company's Paya Lebar office upon signing on with the firm.

Francis Ng, CEO of House of Seafood believes the app will aid in his issues hiring at his restaurant, after many failed attempts from posting ads in newspapers and job sites.

"YY is convenient… Even on the weekends I can get many people applying for jobs within 24 hours," he said.

"As a restaurant operator this gives us a peace of mind as we don't have to employ human resource staff to manage this."

And as a fail-safe regarding potential no-shows, Fu commented that employees each have an automated rating system on the app that monitors punctuality through the course of a clock in and clock out system.

"The system will give punctual users a good rating, and automatically gives them a higher chance of receiving (better) jobs during future applications," he added.

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